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HERO was started in 2021 by people who have passion and love for robotics and young people.


The organization is made up of a central management committee and members who have special roles for its smooth operation.


Based in Heraklion, Crete, with members, friends and partners from all over Greece and the world, the organization organizes various activities with the aim of spreading STEAM ideas to young people and adults.


All this is realized with the voluntary effort of its members, with passion and love for young people and robotics and with special attention and sensitivity to the vulnerable groups of the population.

The best way to predict the future is to invent it


The dissemination of the sciences of robotics, the engineering sciences in an environment of noble competition, equal treatment, transparency and awareness of the global community

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The possibility of equal access of people without discrimination of gender, race, religion or any other discrimination in robotics and STEAM. Creating a world with the right tools for access to educational robotics and natural sciences by all people in the world. Planning the appropriate conditions for the instrumentalization of educational robotics as a means of inclusion of people with motor or mental problems and with a special emphasis on the equal treatment of women in the field of STEAM

Our Mission
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