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Crete Greece

The town of Heraklion is the largest urban center of Crete and the economic center of the island. During the Minoan period the town of Heraklion served as a port to Knossos.

Currently it’s population is approximately 160.000.

Since the Minoan period the town of Heraklion became the host of varied cultures and civilizations whose indelible marks are visible in the form of fountains, castles, walls, palaces, and other monuments.

Heraklion is a heaven for architects and historians, as well as a cosmopolitan town, particularly during the summer period when thousands of visitors can be seen shopping in the market or visiting the museums. The city has a lot to offer to those who are in search of culture and entertainment.

Last but not least, the food market of Heraklion, is where you will find all sorts of products as well as traditional Cretan ones such the famous Cretan olive oil, raki, local wine, honey, herbs, etc. which you can just as well take back home with you as a souvenir!

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Getting to Greece is something you should not worry about, as the country is a very easy-to-reach destination. 

The fastest and easiest way to get in Greece is by plane.
Many international airline companies have regular flights to Athens International Airport (Eleftherios Venizelos airport),  or directrly to Heraklion Crete (Nikos Kazantzakis airport).



Heraklion International airport Nikos Kazantzakis is the second busiest airport in Greece. It took its name from the famous author Nikos Kazantzakis and it is 5km from Heraklion City and very close to famous tourist destinations such as Malia, Knossos etc.

Travelers from Heraklion airport can travel to domestic areas as well as many cities around the world.

It serves 40 airlines, and its official code is HER.

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You can easily reach Heraklion from Athens by ferry, since there is a daily connection with Piraeus port, all year round. The trip lasts from 8 to 9 hours (during night, departure 9pm from Piraeus port, arrival 6.00am to Heraklion Port).  You can book cabins to sleep during night and also you can have a dinner in the boat.

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What's the Weather Like in Heraklion in April


It is the middle of spring in April in Heraklion, Crete.  Now there is an average temperature of 16°C which is 3°C higher than in March but 3°C lower than in May. With the average temperature being warm, it can be a good time to enjoy days out such as visiting the cultural museums, amazing monastery and the stunning cathedral. During the month, you may experience high temperatures of up to 20°C which is 4°C higher than the month before but 3°C lower than the month after. In the evening, the temperature will dip to an average of 12°C which is still fairly cool so you will need to take a jacket for the evenings.



While the average temperature is starting to climb from the month before, the average monthly rainfall is starting to decrease to 40mm falling over an average of 6 which is an improvement.



During the month, you will get an average of 8 hours of sunshine per day which is 2 hours more than the month before but 2 hours less than the month after. With the low rainfall and decent amount of daylight hours, it can a good time to visit this popular holiday destination before the crowds arrive.  


Sea Temperature

While you can still enjoy the beach in April the average sea temperature is a relatively cool 17°C which is the second lowest in the year along with January and March. This will be too cold to swim for most people but the temperature will rise rapidly in the following months.


The chance of there being a windy day in April is 36% which is slightly lower than in March when it is 39% but higher than in May when it is just 22%. The weather is fairly similar to other nearby locations, but it does have slightly warmer nights and sea temperatures than Chania where it can see lows of a fairly cool 11°C and an average sea temperature of 16°C.

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